How To Make Your Own Mala

How To Make Your Own Mala

  • By - Corina Javier
  • 20 June, 2016
How to Make Your Own Mala 
What exactly is a mala and what are its benefits?
If you’ve never heard about mala beads before, it is a string of beads which you can use to count your mantras. Typically, a full mala has around 108 or 27 counting beads.
If you are into yoga or meditation, a mala can come in handy as a meditation aid.
Another good thing about it is that it is fashionable and you can wear them around your neck, wrists or hang them somewhere inside your house.
Creating a mala can be a hobby you can do during your free time because it is very relaxing. It is really easy to craft a mala and before you know it, you might be crafting your own in no time. If you are not into do-it-yourself objects, you can just browse the internet and buy one that you like.
A mala is made with round beads that are usually around 4 to 10 mm in
diameter. If you want to make a traditional mala, you can use dried lotus seeds, wood or even Yak bone. On the other hand, if you want to try and make a healing mala, it would be good to use some gemstones of your choice. You can also try and make a mala out of glass beads that are round in shape.
When choosing your beads, always go for the ones that are appealing to you. Each person has a taste that is unique to his own so you need to find one that you can call yours.
You need the following materials: 
  • 108 pcs of 6cm/8cm/10cm beads 
  • 1 guru bead
  • Loctite glue ( this is really good) 
  • pliers and scissors 
  • cotton thread ( I use a full DMC cross stitching thread 1m in length)
  • cardboard to make the tassel
  • beading needle
  1. First take the full length DMC thread, unroll it and straighten it up.
  2. For a full mala necklace, its 108  beads. String the beads. You can either freely string the beads or tie a knot after each bead.
  3. When you're done stringing the beads, tie a knot in the end, and double tie it to secure the beads. 
  4. Apply some glue on the knot. (I use Loctite glue) 
  5. For the tassel, use a piece of cardboard and wrap the cotton tassel around it. Wrap it as many times depending on the thickness you want your tassel to be. Cut the end of thread, then cut an extra piece to tie tassel together.
  6. Slide it away from the cardboard. then use the extra piece to tie tassel. 
  7. Use an open jump ring, and put it on top of the tassel. 
  8. Cut the other end of the tassel loop.          
  9. Attach the tassel to the mala next to the guru bead.                
Once you have a mala, you can use it with a mantra that you usually use when you meditate or you can just go and create a new mantra to practice it with.
If you are not familiar with what a mantra is, it is just a series of words or phrases
that people say out loud to be able to focus more on their meditation or have let all their other thoughts go for a while.
A beginner would think it is confusing to use a mala but it is really easy when you get the hang of it, using it can be summarized in a series of steps like the following:
  • Let the mala rest in your right hand, hanging from your third finger.
  • Bring the beads towards you one at a time using your thumb.
  • Each bead will serve as one repetition of your chosen mantra.
When you get to the guru bead, do not skip it and turn the other way around
When you are not using your mala, you might want to store it away in a fabric bag made of silk, cotton, velvet or linen to keep it safe.

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