How To Remove Stubborn Stains On Fabrics

How To Remove Stubborn Stains On Fabrics

  • By - Corina Javier
  • 29 July, 2016

When you love something, you try your best to keep it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, there are a lot of accidents that can happen when you least expect them to. The worst way to ruin your clothes, your mat or anything in the house is to be stained. Stains vary from the simplest juice stain to blood stains that seem so hard to remove. Try some of these tips to get through most common stains that are bound to ruin your day.

Common Stains and Removal Process


Age stains

When clothes or pieces of fabric get stored in the cabinet for a very long time, they tend to develop age stains. This type of stain looks hard to remove but by using an oxidizing agent such as a chlorine-bleach solution, your fabric is going to look as good as new.

Albumin stains

This type of stain comes from eggs, mayonnaise, and similar substances. Don’t use hot water as this will just set the stain on fabric and will be harder to remove. Most albuminous stains are removed in washing process, but some of it may not be completely gone because they contain grease. If so, use methylated spirits until any trace is gone.


If you often drink, beer stains are pretty much inevitable. This can result in a light brown discoloration of your fabric. In most cases, the washing process removes this type of stain. If traces remain, chlorine bleach can be used with whites and oxygen bleach can be used for coloured fabrics.   

Blood stains

Cooking can cause a mess especially when you get hurt and blood stains your favorite shirt. Although is usually removed from the washing process, sometimes, blood traces still remains. Using chlorine bleach would be the best solution for this problem.

Chewing gum

This type of stain can be removed manually, apply an ice cube to harden the gum then scrape it with a sharp knife. Wash immediately.

Coffee, cocoa and chocolate

For coffee-lovers or those who loves drinking hot cocoa or chocolate when the rain is heavily pouring, here is the best solution to removing this type of stain. Machine-wash stained fabric with detergent and oxygen bleach to remove tannins from coffee and cocoa.

Crayon stain

Kids love to color and they color everywhere they want to. In order to remove crayon stains, soak them in a dry-cleaning solvent.  If dry cleaning solvent is not available, wet a piece of paper towel with acetone then blot dry stained fabric.

Grease stains

Greasy food or objects will totally ruin your fabric and your day as well. But this type of stain is usually removed in the washing process but if they are old, they require softening. To remove the remaining stains, just use some alkaline soap.


When you write using your pen, there are times when you accidentally write on your cloth table or your shirt. Do not worry so much as most inks are water-soluble and simple washing are bound to remove them. Or you may use Dominant pre-wash spray. Spray onto fabric stain, leave for 5 mins then machine wash.

Felt-tipped marker

This type of stain is dealt the pretty much the same as ink stains as some of them can be completely dissolved in water, thus is removed in the washing process. Unfortunately, some are not removed with just washing so they are removed by dry cleaning.

Mud stains

The road becomes muddy, especially during the rainy season. Your stone washed ripped jeans might get all dirty and so does your boots and socks. Nothing to fear, as this stain is usually removed by washing process, use warm or hot solution of oxalic acid to remove residual brown stains.

Rust stains

Rust stains are characterized as yellowish/ brown discoloration on fabrics; iron from water pipes is the main cause of this stain. DO NOT USE chlorine bleach to remove rust stains. Like mud stains, use warm or hot solution of oxalic acid to remove residual brown stains.


Lipsticks, BB cream, face powder, blush on, lip liners and other types of makeup contain an oil based ingredient. This means that water will remove most of them. However, some that are not can be removed by trying an oily paint remover. Or you may use Dominant pre-wash spray. Spray onto fabric stain, leave for 5 mins then machine wash.

If all else fails, use Booster and Soak! Dominant Booster & Soak is packed with active ingredients that safely and effectively remove a huge range of stains. Such as age stains ( general yellowing), beer, blood, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, curry , grass, juice, tea, urine and feces, vomit, wine and many more.  

Dissolve a cupful of Booster and Soak powder in warm water then soak your stained fabric for 10-15 mins. Machine wash using regular wash program.

Dominant Pre-wash spray is also a must try for stubborn lipstick and make up stains, grease, pasta sauce, curry stains. This product contains enzymes and solvents that most of water based detergents cannot remove by itself. Simply spray stained fabric, leave for 10 minutes then machine wash using warm or hot wash program.

 Stain removal is a tough battle to fight but with the proper removal process, it becomes a whole lot easier. You just need to keep calm and go through it head-on and everything will become better. Good luck!!!

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