Mala Beads : Choosing the 109th Bead Through Its Meaning

Mala Beads : Choosing the 109th Bead Through Its Meaning

  • By - Corina Javier
  • 18 October, 2017

Mala Beads: Deciding for the 109th bead through its meaning

Mala is used as a physical reminder of positive intention.  There is no definite meaning to what a mala is; it is up to an individual to determine what it means for him or her. Mala is a string of beads that can be made of wood, seeds, pearls or semi-precious stones . It consists of 108 beads and it is consider sacred in the yoga practice.

Most mala has the "109th bead" called the Meru bead or guru bead, which is typically placed at the center of the mala. Some believe that beads carry energy. Wearing mala as a necklace or as a bracelet throughout the day helps you manifest the power of the stone.

The 109th  bead or Guru bead may be a specific type of gemstone which would signify the

intention and purpose of the mala beads.

There are different types of stones and choosing your mala may be difficult and confusing with so many stones to choose from, but trust your intuition and let it guide you to pick the right stone.

Here is a guide on choosing the right stone from you based on how they would help you.


If you have a problem with removing negative thoughts from your mind, or have a hard time to think clearly, this stone might just be right for your Guru bead. This stone is good for balancing and harmonizing the mind, spirit and body. It even strengthens the capability of a person to analyze things and to think clearer and be able to have improved concentration skills.

Aventurine (Green)


If you tend to lose your things, a bright colored stone might do well. This stone is also known to be able to encourage communication. It helps with deficiencies with calcium and preventing muscular spasms and cramps. One of the best benefits of this stone is that it harmonizes the nervous system. Another thing is that the stone is believed to help in removing fears, irritation,worries and anger from the person wearing it. If you want to take charge of your life, this is the perfect stone for you.


If you want to have some increase in your spiritual power, this stone would be a definite match for you. It also helps in enhancing the immune system and purify the blood. If you have some problems with your liver and stomach, this stone should help you a lot.


Since this stone flow just like water does; it also means that it can help with the flow of your life. If you are easily embarrassed, using this stone will help in reducing the feeling of embarrassment and help you to be able to express yourself properly. It can calm you down and it is said to heal the throat.


Do you easily get depressed? This stone might help you with that as it decreases the negative attitude and helps in easing depression. It can even be used as something to balance your mental health with. It is also believed to be able to amplify your good will, providing you with more happiness in life.


This stone is a cute multi-colored stone that will help in balancing your mind and body. It helps in relieving your mind off emotional pains such as heartbreak and guilt. It is also believed to help in increasing your ability to understand other people and your ability to love.


You read it right! Even if this can cost you a bit more than normal stones, this is said to help in providing energy for the body. It even helps in rehabilitation and balance the heart chakra. If you have the money and want to be a little more energetic, you can definitely try this one out.

Honey Opal

If you have a problem being confident, this stone is the right one for you. More known as the “good luck stone”, honey opal is said to help in expressing the deepest feelings you have inside of you. It also helps in your ability to work and make more money.


One of the most popular stones, Jade is known to help in understanding dreams. It is said to help in getting wisdom, courage and love. The stone also helps in reducing negativity and help the body heal itself and increase a person’s flexibility. It also helps in strengthening the body and purifying the blood, promoting long life.

Moon Stone

When you are feeling hopeless, tired or upset all the time, maybe you should try using moonstone as your guru bead as it acts as like an emotion stabilizer. It increases the intuition and is associated in relieving asthma and cleaning the spleen and pancreas.


Wisdom is a hard thing to come by but pearls symbolize purity and help in getting the wisdom you must have searched a long time for. It helps in focusing the attention of a person and increase fertility and help in childbirth pains. So if you are longing for wisdom and clarity of mind, you can definitely choose this one.


Rose Quartz

Tired of having your heart broken and licking your wounds? Well, this pinkish stone might help you in the process of healing your broken heart as it has the ability to help the heart heal its emotional wounds and enhance one’s creativity. It is considered a love stone but also said to be helpful in removing anxiety.


This are beads that are harvested from tress in South East Asia that are known to help in increasing general awareness, calm the nervous system, ease the mind and have clarity. It also frees the person from negative thoughts. It is even said to cool when it is worn against skin. It helps to increase immunity, stamina and energy throughout the day.


This bead comes from the stem of Tulsi that is said to be the most sacred wood for Japa meditation! It is said to increase the power of mantras and even the spiritual growth and devotion of a person. It is believed that this plant is a manifestation of the goddess of wealth. 


There are a lot of crazy beads out there for you to choose from. But if you are just a newbie, one of these should be suitable for you.

If one of these feels right, do not doubt yourself and choose one right away. Happy choosing!


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