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108 Mala - The Aventurines - Long Knotted Mala Necklace

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Knotted Long 108 Green Aventurine Mala necklace with Cotton Tassel and Golden Guru bead

Traditional 108 bead mala made with green aventurine semi precious stones. Green aventurine is the great healer of the throat chakra. Aventurines help us communicate well in every day living.

Mala beads are used to count the number of mantras you are reciting during meditation and then wear it around your neck or around your wrist when you are not meditating as a spiritual reminder. Of course you can have it or wear it just because it is beautiful.

108 green aventurine - 8mm.
2 golden guru bead - 4 mm

green cotton thread is used for knotting beads without stretching or fraying.

Entire length is approximately 61 cm (24 inches) from top to end of tassel. When worn around the neck it hangs about to the navel.

Thanks you for looking. :)

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